monkey buznat

No news on the stalker front. I haven’t seen the stalker, nor heard from the police since that one day. Not sure what this all means, but I did listen to my son and bought a small pepper spray for my purse. He suggested that I find a volunteer to practice on.

What Did You Say GIFs | Tenor
“What did you say, son?”

I’m alive and wanted you to know that it’ll take more than a person in a tiny car to scare me off…

Evil Laugh - TV Tropes

Meanwhile, I was in the store looking for my calcium vitamins (I’m at the point in my life where I take several different vitamins to keep the rest of my body from disintegrating) and this older man in a dirty sagging mask told me that I need to take this vitamin and that vitamin, and I said thank you and moved away. Then he caught the ear of a super polite young mom with littles. He was telling her that the reason society is falling a part is due to politics… (he’s not entirely wrong) … then started talking to whoever would listen about the individual who has done more for America and why.

I think he’s lonely and has no friends. I feel bad for him, but I needed to get my items and go home. My leg is throbbing (yes, still) and standing for too long is no Bueno. And, I had already been outside walking for a while. I’m also unsure what I could do for someone in obvious need of person-to-person interactions.

I also met with a property-owner today that has a historic structure on their property. When I was teaching, I could start a conversation and keep it going with little effort. I’m almost 2 years out and I feel… awkward sometimes. My smooth moves and easy charm are rusty… Or people just think I’m weird. It could be that, too. Do you know what? I’m okay with both.

Anyway, that’s it for the updates. I’m in desperate need of a nap. My brain is tired and I’m icing my knee. And, I feel old. Tired, in pain and old.


3 thoughts on “monkey buznat

  1. I’m sorry you’re still having issues with the knee. It’s miserable. Use a motorized cart and give the Bronx cheer to anybody who gives you a stink eye about it. Take it from someone who’s been there. Quality of life wins. Every. Time.

    Also sorry you still haven’t resolved the stalker. Hoping whoever it is realized they were stalking up the wrong tree and went the other direction!!

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