for today maybe more but right now it is what it is

I’ve decided to open my blog once again and only lock it when it is something personal.

We’ll see how it goes. Especially since George Mason University STILL has me listed on their historians’ page as a reliable resource.  (Seriously, this is what’s wrong with this generation… everything, even unreliable sources are considered reliable because people are l-a-z-y when it comes to finding things online.)

(Okay, I’ve been lazy a few times myself, but I’ve never cited a source that is a personal blog before. And, even if I do have historical posts here, I still have to give permission.)

After the Oregon college shooting, I’ve made mention of the importance of being observant and vigilant to my students. What for? Its not like THEY are carrying guns on campus. Or, are they?

So, I have amassed some charts…

Essentially, what these are saying is that no matter how much gun violence we have in the US, there are other nations who have it worse– especially the Honduras and El Salvador. Personally, I would’ve thought Venezuela and Mexico would’ve been at the top. But then again, that is from 2010.

And, stopping this gun violence in schools, in movie theaters, malls, and the like is not going to happen through more restrictive gun laws. Not while we hold fast to our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  A federal law that would encompass all states would be better, at least to equalize the amount of guns out there and how they are carried.

For instance, my parents live in the great American Southwest where there is limited gun control. People can literally wear a pistol on their waist into the food store where, God forbid the milk or bread may fight back.  On the Northeast Coast, where I’m from, has more restrictive gun laws, but you can still OWN one.

I’m not against people owning guns, legally, nor am I against them maintaining their 2nd Amendment rights.  Let’s face it, we’re Americans (well, those FROM the US) and we have certain rights that other countries do not– free speech, religious freedom, protection against illegal searches and seizures, and the right to bear arms.

According to the 2nd Amendment, it states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  This refers to the pre-AM REV time period when the people in Massachusetts were not permitted to have guns or meet in secret, which is associated w/ the Sons of Liberty’s button pushing and poking of the bear with a giant pissed off colonial stick.  The British did not permit colonists to have guns because they feared that the people would rise up against them (with arms) and create a war.

WELL GUESS WHAT?  That happened.  So, when the Founders framed the Constitution, after a grossly failed Articles of Confederation (which had no power or authority) needed to be “dumped and rewritten”, some felt that a Bill of Rights would be fruitless and silly. Why write DOWN our rights?  I mean, isn’t that part of the reason they fought against the British, because they were denied what they felt were their natural rights?

With that said…

The 2nd Amendment was put into the Bill of Rights, written by James Madison, reluctantly, but to reinforce the “rights” of Americans.

Our right to have a gun.
Our right to speak our mind.
Our right to worship any religion or none at all.
Our right to bitch and moan.
Our right to have a jury OR a judge determine one’s fate in court.
Our right to shut up and get a lawyer.

You know, the fundamentals.

Essentially, in the past few years, this “2nd Amendment is MY Amendment” mantra has been shouted from the rooftops by those who want teachers to be armed and read to shoot, for movie theater ushers to be packing heat, for grocery store clerks to be wearing a sidearm.

The ridiculousness of that statement is not exaggerated. It’s a compilation of the stupid garbage I’ve been listening to for the past few years– from friends, from my dad, from my students.

The same students, by the way, who also think that we should lower the drinking age to 18, allow drugs to be legalized (not just pot), and allow people arrested for selling drugs (to children?) to be set free.

Demoralizing society? Perhaps.

So, where in our illustrious Bill of Rights does it say that we pander to the wants and needs of the collective-idiot portion of the population?

Drunk, high gun toting yahoos?


Immature individuals who neither have lived on their own nor defended their nation on the battlefield.  They are an entitled generation (they hear it all the time, so this isn’t news) that wants, expects, and demands.

Gun control? How can you control something like this? Sure, create more restrictive laws that make it more difficult for a person to get a gun?  It should be the type of law the prevents illegal guns on the streets, punishes those who use guns in a crime more harshly, and perhaps fine them.

But, does punishment ever deter crime?  Does the death penalty deter murder? Nope.

Society has become desensitized to consequences. The “can’t happen to me” mentality has just grown into a giant pile of denial.

Don’t speed. “Oh no worries, nothing will happen to me.”
Don’t binge drink. “Oh you are worrying for nothing… I can handle it.”
Don’t take that pill or smoke that joint or shoot up that shit into your arm. “Dude, no worries, I’m fine.”

As a society, we brush off our issues, then is dumped on a scapegoat(s)…

  • He or she didn’t kill those people, a gun and/or bullet(s) did it.
  • Those people didn’t overeat, the food made them fat.
  • It isn’t the driver, but the car that hit that child.
  • The kid didn’t overdose on drugs, the drugs kill him/her.

Stop blaming inanimate objects for your actions. Be more responsible. Make people accountable for their actions. Don’t cower from gangs, drug dealers, criminals, rapists, murderers.  Be steadfast, support the police, and take back your streets.  Take mental health issues seriously, because most of these shooters at schools HAVE mental health issues.  Stop labeling people and start identifying them.

At this point, our country is a cluster of stupid.  Trying to fix it will take a LONG time, or perhaps not enough to make us feel safer as we walk to school, teach, learn, shop, are entertained, or drive our cars.

Safety is more than just giving people the right to have a gun. Safety is also knowing what you can expect… legally, socially, etc.

And, before my mind turns to total mush, I’m out.

Thanks for reading.