Quarantine Week 8

NEIGHBORHOOD GOSSIP During the weekly neighborhood "drinking at a safe distance" event, we were discussing a few things. Face-coverings and masks make our faces breakout. (I'm sporting a rash on my face from wearing my mask for hours this week.)Our neighbor, the asshat, was the subject of a multiple day police presence. And, apparently the … Continue reading Quarantine Week 8

Detainment Time & The Breaking Point

Warning: I'm in a funk this week. I don't want to trigger anyone, so if you are prone to fake sympathy, or bubbling up with unsolicited advice, please pass. It's week 7 and I'm in need of a good cry and an hour-long venting session. It's Never Going To End... It IsA Life Sentence For … Continue reading Detainment Time & The Breaking Point

Covid-19 is a germy teenager

This is week [pick a number] of the news being filled with cliff-hanging horror stories about this questionable Chinese-bat-brains-made-in-an-lab 3rd dimensional flu. Origin? Infected bat brains OR genetically modified for population control. Epidemic Status? The impactful loss and depletion of all of our toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap, and cake mix sources. Pandemic Status? Vendors … Continue reading Covid-19 is a germy teenager